About us

Contact us! We are a motivated and well-trained team able to take advantage from an opportunity.

We brought in one single place a range of consultancy and research services for people interested in developing entrepreneurial activities in Romania. If you see an opportunity, we advise you not to ignore it. Sometimes an only opportunity is all that we need. Sometimes we let the opportunity to go away. But we know very well that from time to time, opportunities arise and we want to prepare you to seize them. To be sure you’ll be in the right place at the right time all you have to do is contact us. We will prepare the ground, perform a market research and organize things so that the opportunity to go exactly where we want it to go: in the business that you are running!

We create it and you are the one to develop it.

About us

We are a team of young committed thinkers – engineers, lawyers, economists and programmers – all motivated by the same ideals: to create a perfect setting for any business wishing to invest in Romania.
We have over 15 year-experience in the fields of reference, and we all deal with research and analysis every day. We feel the need to leave a mark on the territory, to see transformed into deeds the ideas and information we offer.

Why consultancy?

It involves much more than the interaction with the customer. It involves analysis. It involves legislation. It involves marketing and organization. We grew up in the Romanian administrative environment, which allows us to know certain facts and details that would otherwise have remained deep in customs of an anachronic regime. We have contacts to call to arrange things and know where to look to find the best prices.

We are motivated to build a business that brings prosperity to society. We are aware that indirectly we are ambassadors of Romania in the business environment abroad. Every company using our services and then deciding to set up in Romania, stands for profit to the state budget, which would normally mean a better quality of life.

What are the values we follow?

Quality We always eliminate all that is not consistent with our standards in terms of results. We are aware that in order to get the best results in giving consultancy to companies we must maintain the highest possible level of quality.

Awareness We understand the market in which we operate and therefore we can notice any change when it occurs. We adapt ourselves to the environment in which we are going to work and we also agree that we need to give results.

Commitment Each member of this team is a valuable asset for the company and he/she understands this perfectly. We all know that for operating in a symbiosis we need to commit ourselves 110%. However, we do not forget to create a balance between our work and our private life.

Integrity Sometimes we analyse sensitive data and provide customized information and advice specific to a particular client. We are honest people and have the sense of honour being able to cope with any possible intrusions by competitors. We are prepared and know how to react in different situations. We made tests over the years and ran scenarios that could ensnare us so we know how to avoid traps.