Applied consultancy/research

A second group of services that we want to present is the Applied Research. As the name implies, within this service we will contribute directly, physically to solving problems and preparing the ground for the appearance of your company in the new market. This will mean that we will organize conferences and meetings, events, we will deal with travel details and we will make translation services and recruit staff for your company. In terms of consultancy, we want you to realize that a cooperation agreement between our companies will mean that we will always be at the other end of the phone, discussing, analysing, interpreting and putting into practice all that we have agreed together.

We want you to understand that you can trust that a new market entry is safer when calling from a company that has local roots and knows all cultural, social, political and legal issues in this market.

interior-room-design-14-conference-room-interior-design-1276-x-775Organising conferences and meetings

A conference can be either successful or a total fiasco. To organize a conference is not exactly an easy thing, which is why we consider necessary to outsource this service. We have extensive experience in organizing conferences and we can tell you that we’ve been through many situations that made us stronger over time, helped us to make progress and what we believe are the most important, they taught us how to prevent potential problems.

A conference means a lot of organizational work, perfect timing and more marketing. Given that we are good organisers and have a clear marketing vision, all that we have to do is to achieve a symbiosis between the two issues. If a conference is announced to begin at a specific time and in fact it starts one hour later is not what you really want, isn’t it? Or maybe you would not be happy if an hour before the conference starts you would be informed that the people who are supposed to come with the video cameras and shoot the event can no longer come.

To all this we have a viable backup plan and know who to call for in order to settle in a timely manner any shortcoming. A conference which is perfectly done shows the trust for the company you run, stability and a good organizational level.

Consultancy and further support for expanding the business in Romania

We may be subjective, but we consider this service as one of the most important when you decide to enter a new market with a new product. There are certain steps that must be taken to balance the goals set and the reaction of new markets.

In this regard, you need a business partner that can be a distributor, investor, franchisor or a commercial network. We can identify these partners and generate a first set of discussions. Subsequently, the partnership will only depend on the negotiations to be conducted.

A second step is to develop the place of business, prepare the necessary documents and settle any legal issues. We can offer you real estate consulting and support you in opening direct operational centres.

Finally, we are ready to participate as advisors to the business meetings that will follow and to provide translation for you where this issue proves to be a problem.


Pricing and derivatives

It is a necessary service for any entrepreneur/investor wishing to launch their products in a new market. In this regard, our team provide an analysis of the market in terms of prices. First, the costs required to entry the new market will be identified. Then, once these costs are determined, we will start looking for the best prices both in terms of costs and benefits.

Mainly, these costs will be those related to suppliers, production or assembly lines, transportation etc.

Pricing and derivatives is a service that we only offer upon the express request of the customer. It is also a service that should be taken into account when discussing budgets necessary to entry a new market. A cost estimation which is too optimistic could lead you to allocate additional resources that have not been foreseen from the beginning.


Organising events: business brunch, dinners

Events are required to increase your visibility in the new market. Whether it’s about organised dinners or business meetings, symposia or workshops, you need someone to prepare, organize and manage them for you.

Just imagine what would be that by mistake two businessmen well-known as rivals in the local business community were sitting at the same table in one of your events. We can prevent such situations to happen and ensure your integrity and positive image.

There are many things that can go wrong in an event, but if there is a predisposition towards preventing any incidents and minimizing risks, these events should work perfectly. Even when an unforeseen event happens, we have the expertise to treat it professionally so as to finally turn it into a positive thing or not at all harmful to your image.

In fact, what we do inside events is to manage crises. In terms of organization, we will deal with the planning, design, concept, promotion, invitations, catering and guests reception. We’ll cover everything that an event means:  since it is just an idea/concept until the last guest lefts the room.

Hotel keyboard key. FingerFull online booking package for partners: flights, hotel, restaurants, touristic routes

Regardless the reason for which you need organization service, our company can relieve you from such problems.

Starting from the budget that you are willing to allocate to a business trip, we can prepare the best flight and hotel deals for you. We’ll look them for you and we’ll make the booking. All you have to do is to print the emails and hit the road.

Once you arrive at the destination, we will help you become acquainted with local conditions, from culture to gastronomy and tourism.

We know that a business trip cannot be entirely just business. For this reason, we will prepare a list of the best restaurants in the area and the events taking place during your stay. You can choose to go to the theatre or a concert movie if you want. If you are a person who likes to explore, take pictures, sightseeing and getting acquainted with the city that you are visiting and its history, we make available a handy guide for you with all main touristic attractions to visit.

All that we do is to provide you a unique experience during your trip.


Interpreting services (Italian and English) and translation of documents

The interpreting services help you when you encounter linguistic differences and meet people who do not know a language that you speak or when you need a precise interpretation of the discussions.

Experience has shown that the business interpreting is different than the usual one, because it is necessary that the terms be understood by both parties without any trace of ambiguity. Otherwise, the entire foundation of future business may falter. We will be with you during the talks, but you should know that our interpreting services will be only for Italian and English languages.

We also provide documents translation services, but just in the case of interpreting, only for Italian and English. You’ll need your documents to be translated for their transmission to the parent company or to understand them. Translations must be highly accurate in order a good interpretation of the documents content to be provided and for you to exactly understand what you are going to sign.


Legal advice and financial-accounting consulting

Our expertise in the legal, financial and accounting area gives us the opportunity to provide you a “smooth way” from this point of view. We will inform you in good time about all legislative issues that you may face with when you enter the new market and we will advise you how to settle them.

In the financial-accounting area it is necessary to keep accounts in Romania and even if it is harmonized with the European Union’s accounts, there are certain characteristics of the Tax Code that may put barriers to business to business development or product launch on the market. We’re happy to be with you until you manage to secure and control these areas.


Staff recruitment

The labour market has become somehow more stable in recent years in Romania. However, it requires a certain approach to succeed in attracting future employees. Besides, the recruitment system is quite specific and employees approach should be taken with some caution. We know how the labour market system works and know how to bring the best people.

In the very beginning it is important to have people that you can rely on and that are aware of the importance of their involvement and commitment.

Closeup calendar page with drawing-pins

Specialised fairs and exhibitions organising

Let’s go back to the issue related to organising events. Fairs and exhibitions are part of the marketing and they are necessary to attract new customers, to make the public aware about the existence of your product/service, and to achieve a certain sales target.

Organizing a fair or an exhibition requires strong organizational abilities and several steps to be taken. In the past we had to face some situations that we succeeded in coping with just because we knew who we should “look at” and how to approach the situation. To organize a fair or exhibition means developing the concept, identifying the space required, making a marketing campaign and an email campaign, producing brochures, leaflets, organising workshops and programs. An infrastructure is sometimes necessary (electricity, water, internet, stands, etc.).

But when carrying out successfully such a project, significant benefits will be gained for the company and the product to be launched.


Media and advertising services

These services are some of the most important in this specific situation, namely when entering a new market. Media and advertising services will include press releases and conferences, audio and video advertising, social media, indoor and outdoor prints, specific promotion through various channels.

All these services can be made in a more aggressive or slower manner depending entirely on the budget to be allocated for Promotion and Advertising. From our point of view (in fact all marketing treaties say the same) it is necessary to allocate a budget that matches the desired level of market penetration in correlation with the company size and the estimated consolidated budget for the next period.

It is a major difference in terms of media and advertising services between a product such as chewing gum, that we want to reach the entire population, and a service that is addressed exclusively to banks.


PPT presentations for events and conferences

The presentations are essential when it comes to make a first contact with a new market. The design, graphics, and presentations that are offered to potential customers in different environments are equally important. We are mainly referring to Power Point presentations that are used to describe in concise terms possible ideas, needs and expectations that a company has. We manage to get from the hat each time a new design, one effect to turn heads and make readers to remain alert and focused on the message you want to transmit.