Strategic consultancy

If you have decided to outsource these services it means you understand their importance. To use a company specialized in strategic consulting shows professionalism and distinction in the business environment. By contacting us, you’ll be able to get inputs and analyses on which you could base your future strategies in order to enter the Romanian market. We are sure that once you have this information, you’ll be able to have a clear picture of the environment which you are going to enter.

One pawn staying against full set of chess pieces.Market research, feasibility/opportunity research

Using these services, namely the market research will allow you to discover what people think about the product or service you offer, but also to find out what is their opinion about the competitors. Are people open to use the product offered by your company instead of other products on the market? What is important to them? Are they willing to recommend the service/product to their business partners? These are just some of the questions that can be asked in a market research and the responses received will help you fill out the picture on the entry of a product or service on the market.

Besides, there is the possibility to customize the market research with questions that you consider appropriate.

The feasibility and opportunity research will consist of economic and financial market analysis, a study of the competition, the calculation of the Net Updated Value and Internal Rate of Return and the cost and investment opportunity.

hands-460865_640Thematic surveys

Using thematic surveys will allow you to observe certain issues of the business or the investment that otherwise you would not be able to notice. To perform a thematic survey, several steps will be conducted over a period of time. A first step consists of some specialized meetings, which will identify the methodologies to be used and the objectives that we propose. These meetings will be attended by a representative of your company.

For setting a thematic survey methodology the following issues will be inclusively involved, but not limited to:

– Focusing our efforts on the specific information we want to get;

– Establishing the type of research (work group, case studies, questionnaires, etc.);

– Establishing the target audience, in which all future stakeholders may be included;

– Determining the number of institutions that will participate in the survey;

– Establishing the final questions.

What-to-Include-in-Market-Analysis-infographicMarketing Planning

Marketing is a force of nature when it comes to entering a new market with a product or service virtually unknown. We must use all channels of communication so as to achieve a ROI as large as possible. We know how to target the market and we also know to focus our strength on those channels that prove to be beneficial for the business you run.

An important element of marketing planning is the metric analysis. It will give us concrete information on the impact the company and the product or service has in the market. The interpretation of this information will allow us to make decisions on the direction we are going to follow.

Last but not least, the budget must be planned in advance and one must be aware of the importance of the initial allocation of money to stimulate all marketing channels and identify potential future customers.

We know how to generate leads and do conversions.