Thursday April 28th, 2016


TECNO SWITCH group was founded in 1995 and, with dinamism and initiative, deals with the design and manufacture of articles which find their application in the civilian and tertiary sectors such as lighing,control and thermoregulation. The Group’s production is dividedinto the following areas: Automatic systems for lighting and control; Temperature control; Power supplies and controllers for LED lamps,halogen, fluorescent and metal halide lamps; Systems for emergency lighting; Led lighting systems and installation.  
Friday April 1st, 2016


The implemented experience since 1972, puts Teaflex as one of the landmarks in the Italian production of flexible conduits and fittings for electrical installations, industrial and civil.Teaflex is dynamic company, up to date, every day facing the challenges of the market, triggering a great capacity for innovation of the group. Teaflex products have applicability demonstrated by international certificates in sectors such as railway , marine , industrial and commercial , robotics and machinery. – Metal pipes with diameters between 16-63mm , made of galvanized steel and stainless steel with all the accessories for connections and fast installation ; – Naked metal conduits – Fittings; – Covered metal conduits – Fittings – Accessories – Steel pipes – Fittings – Accessories – PVC Conduits and fittings