We brought in one single place a range of consultancy and research services for people interested in developing entrepreneurial activities in Romania. If you see an opportunity, we advise you not to ignore it. Sometimes an only opportunity is all that we need. Sometimes we let the opportunity to go away. But we know very well that from time to time, opportunities arise and we want to prepare you to seize them. To be sure you’ll be in the right place at the right time all you have to do is contact us. We will prepare the ground, perform a market research and organize things so that the opportunity to go exactly where we want it to go: in the business that you are running!

About us

We are a team of young committed thinkers – engineers, lawyers, economists and programmers – all motivated by the same ideals: to create a perfect setting for any business wishing to invest in Romania. We have over 15 year-experience in the fields of reference, and we all deal with research and analysis every day. We feel the need to leave a mark on the territory, to see transformed into deeds the ideas and information we offer.

Why consultancy?

It involves much more than the interaction with the customer. It involves analysis. It involves legislation. It involves marketing and organization. We grew up in the Romanian administrative environment, which allows us to know certain facts and details that would otherwise have remained deep in customs of an anachronic regime. We have contacts to call to arrange things and know where to look to find the best prices.


Strategic consultancy

  • Market research, feasibility/opportunity research
  • Thematic surveys
  • Marketing Planning

Applied consultancy/research

  • Organising conferences and meetings
  • Consultancy and further support for expanding the business in Romania
  • SetWidth1920-consultancyRSPricing and derivatives
  • Organising events: business brunch, dinners
  • Full online booking package for partners: flights, hotel, restaurants, touristic routes
  • Interpreting services (Italian and English) and translation of documents
  • Legal advice and financial-accounting consulting
  • Staff recruitment
  • Specialised fairs and exhibitions organising
  • Media and advertising services
  • PPT presentations for events and conferences